for EOTK3 and 2012 edition of Passport Please

fresh and exciting... it’s hard to put this book down 一个好故事!
John Bechtel, Director, RZIM Asia Pacific
a brilliant allegory in the manner of John Bunyan's "Pilgrims Progress”
J.Daniel Clifford M.D.
connects the dots from Genesis to Revelation
Nick Papanicolou, Past CEO, Aston Martin UK
a cohesive tale that covers the entire span of human history
Fred Borchelt, MA, posted on
the characters come alive through realistic dialogue and humor
Harriet, posted on
thoroughly enjoyed it... especially the end notes!
D Plourde, FL Pastor
cleverly crafted as a page-turning adventure novel
D Scott, NYC
devoid of "christianese" words and language
posted on
a Christian for 25 years, I doubted this book could offer insight.   I was wrong! 
The Pastor's Wife, posted on
it's not preachy review
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