The Story

Passport Please - Epic of the Kingdom III   (EOTK3)  is the third episode of a story which began long, long ago. This book includes the short version of the first two episodes, to bring the reader up-to-speed from before the beginning.

Earlier, in Episodes 1 & 2, the King of Heaven created a star-filled universe, including the beautiful earth.  He appointed General Lucifer of the Kingdom army to govern and protect the planet.  In a stunning betrayal, Lucifer led a rebellion and left the King with no choice except to unleash his fury. The entire cosmos was deluged with water, the heavens went dark and all life on earth perished.  Lucifer was tried, convicted and banished to the now-dead planet.  That is where EOTK3 picks up the story...

True to his original intention, the King re-ignites the heavens and resurrects the empty and formless earth. A colony of humans is established in Eden and they are given authority over the earth. All is well until former General Lucifer emerges to steal control over the planet and the humans. Furious, the King promises to crush the treasonous Lucifer, knowing full well that freeing the humans will cost the life of his only son.

Even after the king strips Lucifer of his authority over earth, the humans find themselves at the center of a war between "truths"  - the King's truth vs. Lucifer's truth - and both sides claim the other is a liar.  The war now becomes a battle for the hearts and minds of the human population...

You have never heard the most famous book in history told like this before.  Guaranteed.

100% from the Bible

Check it out for yourself.

Whether you believe this story is true or not, it is guaranteed to be true-to-the-Bible.  Over 120 pages of endnotes in the back of the book reference over 400 Bible verses showing where to find the basis for every plot element in the epic, including Episodes 1 & 2.   If someone says "it doesn't say that in the Bible!" you can show them them exactly where it came from.  

Never before told as a seamless epic story


"Bible stories" have always been popular - stories about Noah, Jesus, Moses and many, many others.  However, the big-picture of the Bible has never been told, start-to-finsh as a single epic story - from the Garden of Eden through time, space, earth, heaven and hell... right up to the great judgment at the end of the world.    You have never heard the big-picture of the Bible told like this before.  Never.

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