Is this book fiction?

No.  Passport Please is an allegory.   An allegory says, "I'll tell you a story about this, to show how that works, because these two things operate in a similar way."    Passport Please tells a story about escalating tensions between the rulers of two neighboring countries (earth and the Kingdom of Heaven) and the impact that has on citizens of earth who want to travel, some day, to the Kingdom. 

Perhaps the closest literary genre for this novel is "narratio fabulosa," a term coined by writers in the 12th century AD, for allegorical works that involve philosophical and religious stories, which take place on earth and in other-worldly realms.  Whether a particular narratio fabulosa is actually true or not, cannot be proven by earthly means, so it is left is up to the reader to decide.  

It should be noted that in the library, the Bible is  found under it's own unique classification, neither fiction nor non-fiction.

Is it religious?

There is no religious jargon in Passport Please. You will not find the words God, sin, salvation, repentance, angels, demons, worship or other religious language, anywhere in this novel.    

Passport Please - EOTK3  is a story of two neighboring countries, earth and the Kingdom of Heaven.  They each have citizens, laws, rulers, armies, borders and  immigration policies.  Most people, if you ask them, will say they hope to go to the Kingdom of Heaven when they leave earth... but did you ever try to enter another country without having a passport?  

Who are the characters?

All the characters in Passport Please are from the Bible.  They speak in 21st century American English, so the things they say in the novel are not direct quotes from the Bible, but they are consistent with what those characters said and did.   

Jesus is known by different names, depending on where he is.  On the earth, he is known as Jesus from Nazareth, a teacher, healer and leader of a group of men, whose names are familiar over 2,000 years later.  In the Kingdom, Jesus is better known as the Prince of the Royal family. Jesus/Prince comes to earth often, but now he now comes to confront and crush Lucifer, his traitorous former General, and expose him to the human population as a lying, corrupt and defeated warlord... but will the people of earth believe him?

Why is this story called Episode 3? (EOTK3)

Remember the original Star Wars movie?  Two years after it was released, the movie was given a subtitle, "Episode IV  - A New Hope"    It turns out that when we met young Luke Skywalker on Tatooine, we were actually in the middle of an epic story - not the very beginning.   Just like when we are introduced to Adam & Eve...

Long before Adam and Eve ever showed up in the Garden, there were rivalries, jealousies and rebellion, which led to all-out war in the Kingdom of Heaven.  We know this because the Bible tells us so.   Volumes 1 & 2 of EOTK are summarized at the beginning of Passport Please to help you see the really big picture, like you've never been told before.

For two long years, from 1979 to 1981, we all thought Star Wars contained the whole story. We were so wrong...

Do I need to know anything about the Bible to follow this story?

Not at all.  If you are not familiar with the Bible, no problem... read Passport Please and you will be!  You may find it handy to have a Bible nearby when you read the novel, but it is certainly not needed. The end-notes (if you care to read them) are self-explanatory. 

If I don't believe the Bible is true, why bother to read this?

No matter what you believe or don't believe, the Bible is by far, the most widely distributed, most widely translated, most influential book on earth.  For that reason alone, being familiar with its “big picture” is  valuable to anyone, whether they believe it is true or not.  

You probably don't believe most of the things you see in the movies either, but you make a decision to enjoy the story, and think about it later.   Why not try suspending your disbelief long enough to enjoy the epic adventure of Passport Please.  This story is not what you expect!    

When is the movie coming out?

The average movie can be "in the works" for years. Betrayal is now scripted and budgeted, and discussions are in process for production and distribution.   The release date for Betrayal is not yet fixed, but it is, as they say, "coming soon!"

Hollywood has been making movies for over 100 years, but they have never made a feature length movie which tells the big-picture, the cover-to-cover epic of the most famous, most widely distributed book on earth.  It's time.

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How is EOTK3 different from the 2012 edition of Passport Please?

EOTK3 has a much larger scope, starting before the King of Heaven invented time.  The novel includes surprising new plot elements and many more end-notes showing where in the Bible to find the basis for all of them. 

The 2012 Edition started just before Adam & Eve showed up in Eden.  

EOTK3 starts much earlier, before the King of Heaven established the physical universe.  We'll witness the events that turned Lucifer, the King's trusted and capable General, into a treacherous, vindictive enemy of the kingdom.  We see much more of the drama, both on earth and in the throne room, from before the beginning to the very end.  EOTK3 is still 100% true-to-the-Bible, but you have never heard the Bible told like this before. 

Who is the author?

Pete Nielsen has been a student of the Bible since 1980.   He is a regular teacher at south Florida community and church groups as well as in halfway houses and elder-care facilities.  

For over 30 years, Pete worked as an engineer and business developer, building technical systems and companies around the globe.  He was the founding Chairman and CTO of Uganda's first commercial Internet Service Provider.  

Currently, Pete serves as Honorary Consul for the Republic of Uganda, and he is working on Betrayal, the  the movie adaptation of EOTK.  He lives in Florida with Linda, his high school sweetheart (and wife), and he is the proud father of three adult sons.

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