The most famous book on earth, told as the ultimate epic adventure

Passport Please

Epic of the Kingdom III
a grand adventure and one heck of a fun read!
John Debney, Composer
Iron Man, Spider Man, Passion of the Christ
smart, fresh, engaging
Tim Leuliette, Chairman (Ret)
Federal Reserve Bank of Detroit

From before the beginning,

to the end of the world.

Based 100% on the Bible.

The King of Heaven created a star-filled sky and a beautiful earth.  He appointed General Lucifer of the Kingdom army to protect the planet.  In a stunning betrayal, Lucifer led a rebellion, leaving the King with no choice... 

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hundreds of seemingly unrelated Biblical events all woven together
Bobb Biehl, Founding Director
Focus on the Family
entertaining and thought-provoking
Quinn Mills, Professor Emeritus
Harvard Business School
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